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Download our mobile app for delivery! Order wine and booze from your phone, see your past purchases, get special sale notifications!

We're working for you.

Only Little Mo Wine & Spirits gives you wraparound delivery peace of mind. Just match your personality to your delivery preference:


1) You like bright and shiny things, Your credit cards get your points. You “cut the cord” two years ago and don't own a TV. Download our mobile Delivery App. Also available for Android. It stores your purchases, gives you instant points, and you get special deals.


2) You find absolutely nothing wrong with a used Mac you got on Craigslist. The only Tik-Tok in your life comes from your Kitty Kat Clock. Use our website. It’s easy and has everything we have in the store.


3) Your block still doesn’t have cable and dish antennas look really ugly. Call the store, 718-363-2101. It’s fine. We love hearing from you.



Simple Delivery Hours


1-8 Daily

*Fine Print: Local delivery may be subject to delays. Local delivery radius is subject to change. Orders placed after the close of business hours will be confirmed after noon the following day. Please tip your driver!